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Meet the crew
Ryan and Trish

Captain Ryan Davis
A true Florida Native with a lifetime of boating experience, Ryan is an international parasail trainer, licensed as officer in charge of navigational watch, able to operate commercial towing vessels, and captain a vessel 100 gross tons. He is certified in CPR, first aid, and basic boating safety. During Operation Enduring Freedom, as a member of the military police, Sergeant Davis was assigned to water patrol security for Central Command and was trained in diesel mechanics. Ryan has also captained boats for URS construction surveyors during the building of the Gulf Stream Pipeline. Growing up with the water as his back yard he can tell you all you need to know about the area and its wildlife.


Captain Scott Flinn
Another Florida Native and at times referred to as a "scallywag", Scott has been working on parasailing and fishing boats longer then we can remember. Scott's unique sense of humor will keep everyone on the boat entertained for hours. Just in case anyone is interested, Scott is an eligible bachelor and on the watch for the perfect mate. But ladies, if you plan on coming out to see Scott, just remember, we recommend reservation. Walk-ups are accepted but he is pretty busy


Captain Lee Abbott
Originally from the UK Lee has been parasailing since he was 18 months old. Born into a family of water-skiers and parasailers he is more comfortable on water than land. Lee has been a parasail instructor for over 10 years and after 4 years running his own parasail boat in Spain he made the move to Florida. He works full time for Custom Chutes who are the market leaders in parasail manufacture and design but any chance he gets he's out on the boat flying customers.


Captain Guy Davis
Almost a Florida Native, as he was transported from New Jersey to Manatee County, Florida at the age of 4. He considers himself a "local". Guy's love for the water and boating as a child was costly when it came to prop replacement. It is said that practice makes perfect, and that is true in Guy's case. He currently holds a Master Captain license and is an excellent boatman. He was a navigation officer in the United States Navy which attests to his knowledge and expertise on the water. Guy maintains the high level of professionalism taught to him during his tour in the military.


Captain Mark Claire
Captain Mark has been living on this beautiful Island for over 35 years (which is 5 years longer than he's been alive, if you believe him). Originally from Ohio, he moved south and forgot the way home. He has held a Masters 50 ton license for over 20 years and has more knowledge of the local wildlife and environment than anyone we know. Before he joined us at YOLO he operated a 40ft Charter vessel, delivering boats to and from the Caribbean, Miami and the Keys, educated the youth of today as a teacher for over 15 years, and even moonlighted as a superhero on the weekends! He now works with us as our Sight Seeing Captain and we are lucky to have him.

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